Salads And Dips

Traditional, on trend, fresh & zesty.

Our salads deliver! This is our most exciting and fastest growing range. From Coleslaw to Spicy indian rice, it won’t be long before several other salads are added to the list.

Roast Vegetables & Couscous

Fluffy light couscous with Mediterranean vegetables in a zingy lemon dressing.

Spicy Indian Rice

A mixture of rice and lentils, Onion & peppers in rich Tikka Dressing.

Chargrill Vegetables

A range of chargrilled vegetables in a smokey spicy chargrilled dressing.

Spicy Chicken Pasta

Chunky chicken breast with a spicy sauce mixed with a traditional Fusilla pasta.

Italian Pasta & Cheese

A full bodied Cheese blended in a classic Italian sauce and pasta twists.

Tuna Pasta

A fantastically versatile product Tuna infused in pasta.

Chicken & Bacon Pasta

Chicken breast and cooked crispy Bacon blended with pasta twists.

Italian Pasta

Rich Italian sauce with Fusilla pasta.

Beetroot Salad

A dramatic addition to any plate, a sweet earthy flavour.

Potato Salad

A classic fresh Potato salad the perfect side dish.


Our incredibly popular middle eastern creamy dip.


Simply a classic creamy crisp Coleslaw.