Great tasting, rich & creamy, high quality mayonnaise-based fillings.

You’ll find everyone’s best-selling favourites here. We also have Free Range options, Vegan Mayonnaise option and our Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise that we use gives that Rich Mayonnaise flavour with a few less calories, so everyone wins. All the Chicken we use is 100% breast meat steamed in water and a little salt. Nothing else!

We don’t just use cheese! We use Red Leicester, Mature and Mild cheddar, Mozzarella and stilton to deliver a flavour punch you’ll come back for – and we don’t skimp on the Smoked Salmon in our seafood cocktail either!

Chinese Chicken

A seasoned classic bright and vibrant Chinese style mayonnaise with chunky chicken.

Cajun Chicken

A fabulous Cajun flavoured mayonnaise with succulent chicken breast.

Lemon Pepper Chicken

A tangy but peppery chicken infused in our amazing thick and creamy mayonnaise.

Spicy American Chicken

Something different chicken in a fiery mayo just wait for the after kick.

Chicken & Sweetcorn

Just simple chicken breast chunks and sweetcorn in mayonnaise perfect.

Chicken & Stuffing

A chunky chicken breast and a hearty stuffing in our thick and creamy mayonnaise.

Garlic Chicken

A homestyle garlic mayonnaise with our divine chicken breast.

Prawn Maire Rose

A classic filling fresh and creamy.

Prawn Mayonnaise

Succulent Prawns in our thick and creamy mayonnaise.

Tuna & Sweetcorn

Tuna chunks mayonnaise and a chunky sweetcorn.

Tuna Mayonnaise

The classic filling everyone loves Tuna chunks entwined in our full bodied mayonnaise.

Tuna Melt

Our classic thick mayonnaise with Tuna chunks and cheese for that gooey texture.