Marinated Meats

Taste great as they are or versatile – Put your own twist on these & add your own sauce or dressing.

Sliced Chicken fillet marinated in a dry rub then tumbled lightly together with a sauce to give a moist and flavoursome finished product.

Marinated Harrisa Chicken

A depth of flavour, hot chilli pepper based glaze with chicken breast sliced.

Marinated Piri Piri Chicken

Sliced Chicken with a spicy after kick.

Marinated Italian Chicken

An authentic Italian tomato and herby flavoured chicken.

Marinated Jamaican Chicken

Chicken in a fusion of flavours with a fruity undertone.

Marinated BBQ Chicken

Traditional tangy BBQ flavoured chicken simply lovely.

Marinated Tandoori Chicken

Sliced chicken glazed in blended spices from Indian cuisine.

Marinated Lemon on Pepper

Two distinctive flavours offering a zesty and peppery chicken.

Marinated Chinese Chicken

A firm favourite of sliced chicken in a fabulous blend of spices.

Marinated Red Thai Chicken

An aromatic flavoured chicken with plenty of bite.

Marinated Sweet Chilli Chicken

This is a truly multi flavour adventure.

Marinated Cajun Chicken

An amazing rustic Cajun glazed chicken in a punchy sauce.

Marinated Fajita Chicken

Sliced chicken infused in a spicy Fajita seasoning.
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