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Sandwich Fillers

Here at CFC we have a wide variety of sandwich fillings to offer. Please take a look at the menu below. Don’t hesitate to give us a call regarding any queries or questions you may have.

Chicken Tikka 1kg
Chicken Tikka Yogurt & Mint (F) 1kg
Coronation Chicken 1kg
Chicken Mayonnaise 1kg
Thai Chicken 1kg
Chinese Chicken 1kg
Chicken & Sweetcorn 1kg
Mexican Chicken 1kg
Cajun Chicken 1kg
Chicken & Bacon 1kg
Chicken Bacon & Sweetcorn (F) 1kg
Chicken Bacon & Mozzarella 1kg
Flaming BBQ Chicken (F) 1kg
Jamaican Chicken 1kg
Lemon Chicken 1kg
BBQ Chicken 1kg
Mediterranean Chicken 1kg
Tandoori Chicken (F) 1kg
Garlic Chicken 1kg
Chicken & Ham (F) 1kg
Corned Beef & Pickle (F) 1kg
Sausage Ham & Honey Mustard Mayo (F) 1kg
Smoked Ham & Mustard (F) 1kg
Lamb & Mint 1kg
Meatball Salsa 1kg
Turkey & Stuffing (F) 1kg
Prawn Mayonnaise 1kg
Prawn Marie Rose 1kg
Tuna Mayonnaise 1kg
Tuna & Sweetcorn 1kg
Tuna Melt (F) 1kg
Cajun Tuna (F) 1kg
Mediterranean Tuna (F) 1kg
Tuna Crunch (F) 1kg
Tuna Zest (F) 1kg
Crab (flavour) Mayonnaise 1kg
Crab Ginger & Spring Onion (F) 1kg
Seafood Cocktail (F) 1kg
Crab & Prawn 1kg
Cheese & Ham Smokey 1kg
Bacon & Stilton 1kg
Ham Cheese/ Pineapple (F) 1kg
Cheese & Spring Onion 1kg
Cheese Savoury 1kg
Red Leicester & Onion (F) 1kg
Mozzarella Pepperoni & Jalapeno 1kg
Mexican Cheese(F) 1kg
Egg Bacon Sausage 1kg
Egg Mayonnaise 1kg
Vegetable Tikka (F) 1kg